Your Questions on Transcendental Meditation

Q: How much time will it take out of my day?

A: Twenty minutes, twice a day. Often this can be accommodated with no real change of routine. Furthermore people often find that the extra energy and clarity gained from Transcendental Meditation actually saves them time.

Q: Can anyone learn? I can't keep my mind still.

A: Anyone can practise Transcendental Meditation. The technique allows the activity of the mind to settle down in a natural way until it is left quiet, yet wide awake. It's so simple.

Q: Will it be a long time before I start to benefit?

A: No. The long-term benefits of regular meditation are cumulative, but new meditators often notice that they look and feel better almost immediately.

Q: Where did Transcendental Meditation come from?

A: The knowledge of Transcendental Meditation has been kept lively and pure in the Vedic tradition of India, the world's oldest tradition of knowledge. This knowledge has been handed down by Vedic masters from generation to generation for thousands of years.
About 50 years ago, Maharishi - the representative in our age of the Vedic tradition - introduced Transcendental Meditation to the world, restoring the knowledge and experience of higher states of consciousness at this critical time for humanity. When we teach the Transcendental Meditation technique today, we maintain the same procedures that have always been used for maximum effectiveness.

Q: Will I become calm to the point of not caring, and lose my edge?

A: No. People in positions of responsibility who take up Transcendental Meditation find that the removal of stress gives them clarity, perspective and vigour. Not to mention many health benefits and improvements in relations with friends and family.

Q: Will I be required to study a great deal?

A: Not at all. The practice of Transcendental Meditation requires no intellectual effort. Everything you need to know will be explained in simple language during the course.

Q: Will it interfere with my existing beliefs?

A: No. Transcendental Meditation is a simple technique that aids relaxation, relieves stress and provides physical and mental energy. The practice does not conflict with any existing beliefs, religious or otherwise; yet at the same time people often find that regular meditation gives clarity and perspective to their highest aspirations.

Q: I have a history of ill-health. Can I meditate safely?

A: Yes, it is completely safe. Of course if you are taking medical treatment we recommend that you continue to take your doctor's advice.
Incidentally, a large and growing number of health professionals both practise Transcendental Meditation and recommend it to their patients.
The health benefits are far-reaching and have been rigourously examined in literally hundreds of prestigious medical publications.

Q: But in the final analysis, is it really compatible with a modern, Western lifestyle?

A: Absolutely! In fact the busier we become, the more important it is that we take time to rest properly - to recharge our batteries.

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Knjiga Dejvida Linča
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Transcendence: Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation

"Lov na veliku ribu: meditacija, svest i kreativnost"

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Jona Miković, Master likovni umetnik

Jona Miković, Master likovni umetnik

"Transcendentalna meditacija mi je pomogla da mirnije rešavam unutrašnje i spoljašnje konflikte, da više verujem u sebe i da realizujem neke svoje stare ideje koje sam potisnula. Nisam verovala u početku u ogromne moći meditacije, jer nisam shvatala da posmatrajući sebe kroz meditaciju dobijamo celu sliku sebe i okoline. Kada osetim umor koji ne može da se otkloni odmorom, meditiram, i svaki put se ponovo iznenadim, jer dobijam i mir i snagu. Tokom meditacije, oko mene se sve smiri, i nastaje lekovita tišina."

"Poželela sam da podelim sa vama moje iskustvo TM. Praktikujući TM, osetila sam duboki mir, povezanost sa sobom, sa drugim ljudima i sa Tvorcem. Tokom meditacije u tišini, osećam se voljeno, prihvaćeno, zaštićeno, podržano. Zahvalna i srećna!"